class atomate2.vasp.flows.core.HSEBandStructureMaker(name='hse band structure', bandstructure_type='both', static_maker=<factory>, bs_maker=<factory>)[source]

Bases: BandStructureMaker

Maker to generate VASP HSE band structures.

This is an HSE06 static calculation followed by one HSE06 uniform calculation and one HSE06 line mode calculation.

  • name (str) – Name of the flows produced by this maker.

  • bandstructure_type (str) – The type of band structure to generate. Options are “line”, “uniform” or “both”.

  • static_maker (.BaseVaspMaker) – The maker to use for the static calculation.

  • bs_maker (.BaseVaspMaker) – The maker to use for the line and uniform band structure calculations.