pydantic model atomate2.common.schemas.magnetism.MagneticOrderingRelaxation[source]

Defines the relaxation information for a magnetic ordering calculation.

This is embedded within the MagneticOrderingOutput.

field uuid: str | None = None

Unique ID of the calculation.

field dir_name: str | None = None

Directory of the calculation.

field input: MagneticOrderingInput | None = None

Input ordering information.

field structure: Structure | None = None

Final structure from the calculation.

field symmetry_changed: bool | None = None

Whether or not symmetry changed.

field ordering_changed: bool | None = None

Specifies whether or not the magnetic ordering changed during the calculation.

field ordering: Ordering | None = None

Final ordering from the calculation.

field magmoms: list[float] | None = None

Magnetic moments of the structure.

field symmetry: str | None = None

Detected space group symbol.

field energy: float | None = None

Final energy result from the calculation.

field energy_per_atom: float | None = None

Final energy per atom.

field total_magnetization: float | None = None

Total magnetization as a sum of individual atomic moments in the calculated unit cell.

field total_magnetization_per_formula_unit: float | None = None

Total magnetization normalized to per formula unit.

field total_magnetization_per_unit_volume: float | None = None

Total magnetiation normalized to per unit volume.

classmethod from_structures_and_energies(input_structure, output_structure, output_energy, uuid=None, dir_name=None)[source]

Construct a relaxation output doc from structures and energies.

  • input_structure (Structure) –

  • output_structure (Structure) –

  • output_energy (float) –

  • uuid (str | None) –

  • dir_name (str | None) –

Return type:


classmethod from_task_document(task_document, uuid=None)[source]

Construct a MagneticOrderingRelaxation from a task document.

This does not include the uuid, which must be provided separately.


Currently, the TaskDoc defined in emmet is VASP-specific. Ensure that the TaskDoc provided contains an InputDoc with a magnetic moments field.

  • task_document (TaskDoc) –

  • uuid (str | None) –

Return type: