pydantic model atomate2.amset.schemas.MeshData[source]#

Definition of full AMSET mesh data.

field energies: dict[str, list[list[float]]] = None#

Band structure energies in eV on the irreducible mesh.

field kpoints: list[Tuple[float, float, float]] = None#

K-points in fractional coordinates

field ir_kpoints: list[Tuple[float, float, float]] = None#

Irreducible k-points in fractional coordinates

field ir_to_full_kpoint_mapping: list[int] = None#

Mapping from irreducible to full k-points

field efermi: float = None#

Intrinsic Fermi level from band structure

field vb_idx: dict[str, int] = None#

Index of highest valence band for each spin

field num_electrons: float = None#

Number of electrons in the system

field velocities: dict[str, list[list[Tuple[float, float, float]]]] = None#

Band velocities for each irreducible k-point.

field scattering_rates: dict[str, list[list[list[list[list[float]]]]]] = None#

Scattering rates in s^-1, given as {spin: (nscattering_types, ndoping, ntemps, nbands, nkpoints)}

field fd_cutoffs: tuple[list[list[float]], list[list[float]]] = None#

Energy cutoffs within which the scattering rates are calculatedgiven as (min_cutoff, max_cutoff) where each cutoff is givenas (ndoping, ntemps)