atomate2.vasp.files.get_largest_relax_extension(directory, host=None, file_client=None)[source]

Get the largest numbered relax extension of files in a directory.

For example, if listdir gives [“vasprun.xml.relax1.gz”, “vasprun.xml.relax2.gz”], this function will return “.relax2”.

  • directory (str or Path) – A directory to search.

  • host (str or None) – The hostname used to specify a remote filesystem. Can be given as either “username@remote_host” or just “remote_host” in which case the username will be inferred from the current user. If None, the local filesystem will be used.

  • file_client (.FileClient) – A file client to use for performing file operations.


The relax extension or an empty string if there were not multiple relaxations.

Return type: