pydantic settings atomate2.settings.Atomate2Settings[source]#

Settings for atomate2.

The default way to modify these is to modify ~/.atomate2.yaml. Alternatively, the environment variable ATOMATE2_CONFIG_FILE can be set to point to a yaml file with atomate2 settings.

Lastly, the variables can be modified directly through environment variables by using the “ATOMATE2” prefix. E.g. ATOMATE2_SCRATCH_DIR = path/to/scratch.

field CONFIG_FILE: str = '~/.atomate2.yaml'#

File to load alternative defaults from.

field SYMPREC: float = 0.1#

Symmetry precision for spglib symmetry finding.

field CUSTODIAN_SCRATCH_DIR: str = None#

Path to scratch directory used by custodian.

field VASP_CMD: str = 'vasp_std'#

Command to run standard version of VASP.

field VASP_GAMMA_CMD: str = 'vasp_gam'#

Command to run gamma-only version of VASP.

field VASP_NCL_CMD: str = 'vasp_ncl'#

Command to run non-collinear version of VASP.

field VASP_VDW_KERNEL_DIR: str = None#

Path to VDW VASP kernel.

field VASP_INCAR_UPDATES: dict [Optional]#

Updates to apply to VASP INCAR files.

field VASP_RELAX_MAX_FORCE: float = 0.25#

Maximum force allowed on each atom for successful structure optimization


Maximum volume change allowed in VASP relaxations before the calculation is tagged with a warning

field VASP_HANDLE_UNSUCCESSFUL: Union[str, bool] = 'fizzle'#

Three-way toggle on what to do if the job looks OK but is actually unconverged (either electronic or ionic). - True: mark job as COMPLETED, but stop children. - False: do nothing, continue with workflow as normal. ‘error’: throw an error


Maximum number of errors to correct before custodian gives up

field VASP_STORE_VOLUMETRIC_DATA: Optional[Tuple[str]] = None#

Store data from these files in database if present


Ingest any additional JSON data present into database when parsing VASP directories useful for storing duplicate of FW.json

field VASP_RUN_BADER: bool = False#

Whether to run the Bader program when parsing VASP calculations.Requires the bader executable to be on the path.

field ELASTIC_FITTING_METHOD: str = 'finite_difference'#

Elastic constant fitting method

field AMSET_SETTINGS_UPDATE: dict = None#

Additional settings applied to AMSET settings file.