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"""Functions to run LOBSTER."""

from __future__ import annotations

import logging
import shlex
import subprocess
from os.path import expandvars
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any

from custodian import Custodian
from custodian.lobster.handlers import EnoughBandsValidator, LobsterFilesValidator
from import LobsterJob
from jobflow.utils import ValueEnum

from atomate2 import SETTINGS

    from import Sequence

    from custodian.custodian import Validator

_DEFAULT_VALIDATORS = (LobsterFilesValidator(), EnoughBandsValidator())

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] class JobType(ValueEnum): """ Type of Lobster job. - ``DIRECT``: Run Lobster without custodian. - ``NORMAL``: Normal custodian :obj:`.LobsterJob`. """ DIRECT = "direct" NORMAL = "normal"
[docs] def run_lobster( job_type: JobType | str = JobType.NORMAL, lobster_cmd: str = SETTINGS.LOBSTER_CMD, max_errors: int = SETTINGS.LOBSTER_CUSTODIAN_MAX_ERRORS, scratch_dir: str = SETTINGS.CUSTODIAN_SCRATCH_DIR, validators: Sequence[Validator] = _DEFAULT_VALIDATORS, lobster_job_kwargs: dict[str, Any] = None, custodian_kwargs: dict[str, Any] = None, ) -> None: """ Run Lobster. Supports running Lobster with or without custodian (see :obj:`JobType`). Parameters ---------- job_type : str or .JobType The job type. lobster_cmd : str Command to run lobster. max_errors : int Maximum number of errors. scratch_dir : str or Path Scratch directory. validators : list of .Validator The validators handlers used by custodian. lobster_job_kwargs : dict Keyword arguments that are passed to :obj:`.LosterJob`. custodian_kwargs : dict Keyword arguments that are passed to :obj:`.Custodian`. """ lobster_job_kwargs = lobster_job_kwargs or {} custodian_kwargs = custodian_kwargs or {} lobster_cmd = expandvars(lobster_cmd) split_lobster_cmd = shlex.split(lobster_cmd) if job_type == JobType.DIRECT:"Running command: {lobster_cmd}") return_code =, shell=True) # noqa: S602"{lobster_cmd} finished running with returncode: {return_code}") return if job_type == JobType.NORMAL: jobs = [LobsterJob(split_lobster_cmd, **lobster_job_kwargs)] else: raise ValueError(f"Unsupported {job_type=}") handlers: list = [] c = Custodian( handlers, jobs, validators=validators, max_errors=max_errors, scratch_dir=scratch_dir, **custodian_kwargs, )"Running Lobster using custodian.")