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"""Jobs for defect calculations."""

from __future__ import annotations

import logging
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Callable

import numpy as np
from jobflow import Flow, Response, job
from pydantic import BaseModel
from pymatgen.analysis.defects.supercells import (
from pymatgen.analysis.defects.thermo import DefectEntry
from pymatgen.core import Lattice, Structure
from pymatgen.entries.computed_entries import ComputedStructureEntry

from atomate2.common.schemas.defects import CCDDocument
from atomate2.utils.path import strip_hostname

    from import Iterable
    from pathlib import Path

    from emmet.core.tasks import TaskDoc
    from numpy.typing import NDArray
    from pymatgen.analysis.defects.core import Defect

    from import RelaxMaker, StaticMaker

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] class CCDInput(BaseModel): """Document model to help construct CCDDocument.""" structure: Structure energy: float dir_name: str uuid: str
[docs] @job def get_charged_structures(structure: Structure, charges: Iterable) -> list[Structure]: """Add charges to a structure. This needs to be a job so the results of other jobs can be passed in. Parameters ---------- structure A structure. charges A list of charges on the structure Returns ------- dict A dictionary with the two structures with the charge states added. """ structs_out = [structure.copy() for _ in charges] for idx, q in enumerate(charges): structs_out[idx].set_charge(q) return structs_out
[docs] @job def spawn_energy_curve_calcs( relaxed_structure: Structure, distorted_structure: Structure, distortions: Iterable[float], static_maker: StaticMaker, prev_dir: str | Path | None = None, add_name: str = "", add_info: dict | None = None, ) -> Response: """Compute the total energy curve from a reference to distorted structure. Parameters ---------- relaxed_structure : pymatgen.core.structure.Structure pymatgen structure corresponding to the ground (final) state. distorted_structure : pymatgen.core.structure.Structure pymatgen structure corresponding to the excited (initial) state. static_maker : StaticMaker object. distortions : Iterable[float] List of distortions, as a fraction of ΔQ, to apply. add_name : str Additional name to add to the flow name. add_info : dict Additional info to add to the to a info.json file for each static calculation. This data can be used to reconstruct the provenance of the calculation. Returns ------- Response Response object """ jobs = [] outputs = [] # add the static job for the reference structure static_maker.make(relaxed_structure) s_distortions = sorted(distortions) distorted_structures = relaxed_structure.interpolate( distorted_structure, nimages=s_distortions ) # add all the distorted structures for idx, d_struct in enumerate(distorted_structures): static_job = static_maker.make(d_struct, prev_dir=prev_dir) suffix = f" {idx}" if add_name == "" else f" {add_name} {idx}" # write some provenances data in info.json file info = { "relaxed_structure": relaxed_structure, "distorted_structure": distorted_structure, "distortion": s_distortions[idx], } if add_info is not None: info.update(add_info) static_job.update_maker_kwargs( {"_set": {"write_additional_data->info:json": info}}, dict_mod=True ) static_job.append_name(f"{suffix}") jobs.append(static_job) # outputs.append(static_job.output) task_doc: TaskDoc = static_job.output outputs.append( { "structure": task_doc.output.structure, "energy":, "dir_name": task_doc.dir_name, "uuid": task_doc.uuid, } ) add_flow = Flow(jobs, outputs) return Response(output=outputs, replace=add_flow)
[docs] @job(output_schema=CCDDocument) def get_ccd_documents( inputs1: Iterable[CCDInput], inputs2: Iterable[CCDInput], undistorted_index: int, ) -> Response: """ Get the configuration coordinate diagram from the task documents. Parameters ---------- inputs1 : Iterable[CCDInput] List of CCDInput objects. inputs2 : Iterable[CCDInput] List of CCDInput objects. undistorted_index : int Index of the undistorted structure in the list of distorted structures. Returns ------- Response Response object. """ static_uuids1 = [i["uuid"] for i in inputs1] static_uuids2 = [i["uuid"] for i in inputs2] ccd_doc = CCDDocument.from_task_outputs( structures1=[i["structure"] for i in inputs1], structures2=[i["structure"] for i in inputs2], energies1=[i["energy"] for i in inputs1], energies2=[i["energy"] for i in inputs2], static_dirs1=[i["dir_name"] for i in inputs1], static_dirs2=[i["dir_name"] for i in inputs2], static_uuids1=static_uuids1, static_uuids2=static_uuids2, relaxed_uuid1=static_uuids1[undistorted_index], relaxed_uuid2=static_uuids2[undistorted_index], ) return Response(output=ccd_doc)
[docs] @job def get_supercell_from_prv_calc( uc_structure: Structure, prv_calc_dir: str | Path, sc_entry_and_locpot_from_prv: Callable, sc_mat_ref: NDArray | None = None, ) -> dict: """Get the supercell from the previous calculation. Parse the previous calculation directory to obtain the supercell transformation. Parameters ---------- uc_structure : Structure The unit cell structure of the bulk material. prv_calc_dir : Path The directory of the previous calculation. sc_mat : NDArray The supercell matrix. If not None, use this to validate the extracted supercell. sc_entry_and_locpot_from_prv : Callable Function to get the supercell ComputedStructureEntry and Locpot from the previous calculation. Returns ------- Response: Output containing the supercell transformation and the dir_name """ prv_calc_dir = strip_hostname(prv_calc_dir) sc_entry, plnr_locpot = sc_entry_and_locpot_from_prv(prv_calc_dir) sc_structure = sc_entry.structure sc_mat_prv, _ = get_matched_structure_mapping( uc_struct=uc_structure, sc_struct=sc_structure ) if sc_mat_ref is not None: latt_ref = (uc_structure * sc_mat_ref).lattice latt_prv = (uc_structure * sc_mat_prv).lattice if not ( np.allclose(sorted(, sorted( and np.allclose(sorted(latt_ref.angles), sorted(latt_prv.angles)) ): raise ValueError( "The supercell matrix extracted from the previous calculation " "does not match the the desired supercell shape." ) return { "sc_entry": sc_entry, "sc_struct": sc_structure, "sc_mat": sc_mat_prv, "dir_name": prv_calc_dir, "lattice": Lattice(sc_structure.lattice.matrix), "uuid": None, "locpot_plnr": plnr_locpot, }
[docs] @job(name="bulk supercell") def bulk_supercell_calculation( uc_structure: Structure, relax_maker: RelaxMaker, sc_mat: NDArray | None = None, get_planar_locpot: Callable | None = None, ) -> Response: """Bulk Supercell calculation. Perform a bulk supercell calculation. Parameters ---------- uc_structure : Structure The unit cell structure. relax_maker : RelaxMaker The relax maker to use. sc_mat : NDArray | None The supercell matrix used to construct the simulation cell. get_plnr_locpot : Callable | None A function to get the Locpot from the output of the task document. Returns ------- Response: Output a dictionary containing the bulk supercell calculation summary. """ if get_planar_locpot is None: def get_planar_locpot(task_doc: TaskDoc) -> NDArray: return task_doc.calcs_reversed[0].output.locpot"Running bulk supercell calculation. Running...") sc_mat = get_sc_fromstruct(uc_structure) if sc_mat is None else sc_mat sc_mat = np.array(sc_mat) sc_structure = uc_structure * sc_mat relax_job = relax_maker.make(sc_structure) = "bulk relax" info = {"sc_mat": sc_mat.tolist()} relax_job.update_maker_kwargs( {"_set": {"write_additional_data->info:json": info}}, dict_mod=True ) relax_output: TaskDoc = relax_job.output summary_d = { "uc_structure": uc_structure, "sc_entry": relax_output.entry, "sc_struct": relax_output.structure, "sc_mat": sc_mat.tolist(), "dir_name": relax_output.dir_name, "uuid": relax_job.uuid, "locpot_plnr": get_planar_locpot(relax_output), } flow = Flow([relax_job], output=summary_d) return Response(replace=flow)
[docs] @job def spawn_defect_q_jobs( defect: Defect, relax_maker: RelaxMaker, relaxed_sc_lattice: Lattice, sc_mat: NDArray | None = None, defect_index: int | str = "", add_info: dict | None = None, validate_charge: bool = True, relax_radius: float | str | None = None, perturb: float | None = None, ) -> Response: """Perform charge defect supercell calculations. Run a atomic relaxation calculation for each available charge state of the defect. Parameters ---------- defect: A defect object representing the defect in a unit cell. relax_maker: A RelaxMaker object to use for the atomic relaxation. sc_mat: The supercell matrix. If None, the code will attempt to create a nearly-cubic supercell. defect_index: Additional index to give unique names to the defect calculations. Useful for external bookkeeping of symmetry distinct defects. add_info: Additional information to store with the defect cell relaxation calculation. By default only the defect object and charge state are stored. relaxed_sc_lattice: The lattice of the relaxed supercell. If provided, the lattice parameters of the supercell will be set to value specified. Otherwise, the lattice it will only by set by `defect.structure` and `sc_mat`. validate_charge: Whether to validate the charge states of the defect after the atomic relaxation. Assuming the final output of the relaxation is a TaskDoc, we should make sure that the charge state is set properly and matches the expected charge state from the input defect object. relax_radius: The radius to include around the defect site for the relaxation. If "auto", the radius will be set to the maximum that will fit inside a periodic cell. If None, all atoms will be relaxed. perturb: The amount to perturb the sites in the supercell. Only perturb the sites with selective dynamics set to True. So this setting only works with `relax_radius`. Returns ------- Response A response object containing the summary of the calculations for different charge states. """ defect_q_jobs = [] all_chg_outputs = {} sc_def_struct = defect.get_supercell_structure( sc_mat=sc_mat, relax_radius=relax_radius, perturb=perturb ) sc_def_struct.lattice = relaxed_sc_lattice if sc_mat is not None: sc_mat = np.array(sc_mat).tolist() for qq in defect.get_charge_states(): suffix = ( f" {} q={qq}" if defect_index == "" else f" {}-{defect_index} q={qq}" ) charged_struct = sc_def_struct.copy() charged_struct.set_charge(qq) charged_relax = relax_maker.make(charged_struct) charged_relax.append_name(suffix) # write some provenances data in info.json file info = { "defect": defect, "charge_state": qq, "defect_name":, "bulk_formula": defect.structure.composition.reduced_formula, "bulk_num_sites": len(defect.structure), "bulk_space_group_info": defect.structure.get_space_group_info(), "sc_mat": sc_mat, } if add_info is not None: info.update(add_info) charged_relax.update_maker_kwargs( {"_set": {"write_additional_data->info:json": info}}, dict_mod=True ) defect_q_jobs.append(charged_relax) charged_output: TaskDoc = charged_relax.output all_chg_outputs[qq] = { "defect": defect, "structure": charged_output.structure, "entry": charged_output.entry, "dir_name": charged_output.dir_name, "uuid": charged_relax.uuid, "locpot_plnr": charged_output.calcs_reversed[0].output.locpot, } # check that the charge state was set correctly if validate_charge: validation_job = check_charge_state(qq, charged_output.structure) defect_q_jobs.append(validation_job) replace_flow = Flow(defect_q_jobs, output=all_chg_outputs) return Response(replace=replace_flow)
[docs] @job def check_charge_state(charge_state: int, task_structure: Structure) -> Response: """Check that the charge state of a defect calculation is correct. Parameters ---------- chargestate : int The charge state to check. task_doc : TaskDoc The task document to check. Returns ------- True if the charge state is correct, otherwise raises a ValueError. """ if int(charge_state) != int(task_structure.charge): raise ValueError( f"The charge of the output structure is {task_structure.charge}, " f"but expected charge state from the Defect object is {charge_state}." ) return True
[docs] @job def get_defect_entry(charge_state_summary: dict, bulk_summary: dict) -> list[dict]: """Get a defect entry from a defect calculation and a bulk calculation.""" bulk_struct_entry = bulk_summary["sc_entry"] # bulk_struct_entry = ComputedStructureEntry( # structure=bulk_summary["sc_struct"], #, # ) bulk_dir_name = bulk_summary["dir_name"] bulk_locpot = bulk_summary["locpot_plnr"] defect_ent_res = [] for qq, qq_summary in charge_state_summary.items(): defect_c_entry = qq_summary["entry"] defect_struct_entry = ComputedStructureEntry( structure=qq_summary["structure"],, ) defect_dir_name = qq_summary["dir_name"] defect_locpot = qq_summary["locpot_plnr"] defect_entry = DefectEntry( defect=qq_summary["defect"], charge_state=qq, sc_entry=defect_struct_entry, bulk_entry=bulk_struct_entry, ) defect_ent_res.append( { "defect_entry": defect_entry, "defect_dir_name": defect_dir_name, "defect_locpot": defect_locpot, "bulk_dir_name": bulk_dir_name, "bulk_locpot": bulk_locpot, "bulk_uuid": bulk_summary.get("uuid"), "defect_uuid": qq_summary.get("uuid", None), } ) return defect_ent_res