FireWorks Changelog


Starting v1.9.7 onwards, the changelog is no longer maintained. Please check the Github commit log for a record of changes.


  • avoid checking the number of jobs in the queue if not needed (G. Petretto)

  • Avoid failures due to encoding issues in tracker (J. Hörmann)

  • Filepad accessible via TLS/SSL encrypted connection (J. Hörmann)

  • llow propagating modified spec not only to direct children, but along all decendants down to workflow leaves by adding a ‘propagate’ flag to FWAction. (J. Hörmann)

  • update some dependency versions

  • misc fixes and updates (mamachra, J. Hörmann, I. Kondov, A. Jain)


  • document new help forum!

  • ability to add custom kwargs to the LaunchPad MongoClient using the YAML format (thanks to I. Kondov for pointing in this direction)

  • restore “text_mode” for anyone having problems with the new binary FilePad

  • rework lostruns recovery

  • actually use launch_dir in update_checkpoint (hopefully shouldn’t change any behavior)

  • prevent “zombie” reruns of offline runs when marking them as fizzled or rerun. (thanks to jotelha for suggestion)

  • Use mod_spec instead of update_spec to pass on out-/infiles along Fireworks (J. Hörmann)

  • allow binary files in FilePad / handle filepad files as binary always (J. Hörmann)

  • update SLURM job id parsing (G. Petretto)

  • update dependencies


  • filepad tasks to get files by query (Github user: J. Hörmann)

  • the _pass_job_info command now also passes the FW state of the parent (M. Siron)

  • bugfix for detect_lostruns command (P. Huck)

  • http/https fix for web gui (D. Winston)



if you set optional_params in your FireTask, these will be strictly checked in FWS v1.9.3 and greater!

  • strict checking of optional_params in a FireTask. If (and only if) optional_params is set, any parameter passed to a FireTask outside of required_params and optional_params will throw an error. If you want to merely suggest potential optional parameters without strict checking, we suggest you rename to other_params as was done for ScriptTask.

  • add option for detect_lostruns command to set launch restrictions (e.g., restrict to certain host) (thanks to M. Siron for suggestion)

  • Add core_spec to SLURM template (M. Horton)


  • code cleanups (should not affect any functions)

  • Add mail_type and mail_user to SLURM template for notifications (M. Horton)


  • fix webgui JSON issue (D. Winston)

  • add time_min to SLURM template (M. Horton)


  • fix backward compatibility issues in using a MongoDB URI, added a separate “uri_mode” parameter. (thanks to M. Bercx for pointing out)


  • added ability to connect via MongoDB URI and added ‘lpad init -u’ command.


  • fix insertion order bug in append_wf() for Py<=3.5 (thanks to M. Jager)

  • fix recover_launch with MSONable objects (G. Petretto)

  • option to set priority of an entire workflow at once (G. Petretto)


  • fix lpad webgui bug (thanks to J. Hörmann)


  • fix authsource in updated authentication (M. Dylla)

  • doc update for PyTask (I. Kondov)



the code to authenticate to databases was changed in this version. If you encounter problems after updating, contact the help group.

  • save action in GridFS if Launch document too large (G. Petretto)

  • fixed Jinja functionality in TemplateWriterTask (E. Ateljevich)

  • update authentication method to not use deprecated db.authenticate

  • small updates to tutorials / docs to reflect user questions



this version changes the manner in which one authenticates to the web gui via Python (command line is unaffected). You no longer set environment variables. See docs on the web gui for more information.

  • improve the way lpad webgui handles arguments (no more environment variables!)

  • allow a user to set a username/password to webgui from the command line


  • better Dupefinder.verify() (thanks to A. Takahashi)

  • fix missing fw_id parameter passing in qlaunch command (thanks to A. Takahashi)


  • call Dupefinder.verify() properly (thanks to A. Takahashi)

  • allow authsource on LaunchPad (thanks to agrav, C. Pashartis)

  • better contribution docs (A. Dunn, A. Jain)

  • webgui bugfix (D. Winston)

  • better FilePad authentication and docs


  • bugfix on FW rerun where child states were not updated properly (G. Petretto)

  • Added –mem and –mem-per-cpu to SLURM template (S. Torrisi)

  • update paramiko version for better security


  • bugfix remote_keyfile option to qlaunch (thanks to A. Takahashi)


  • add remote_keyfile option to qlaunch


  • upgrade to use Fabric 2 for Py3 compatibility (R. Gowers)


  • fix bug in Workflow.state pertaining to when _allow_fizzled_parents is set (R. Gowers)

  • minor docfix (R. Gowers)


  • greatly improve speed of workflow refresh with many parents (huge thanks to Github user tahorst)


  • minor bug fixes (G. Petretto)


  • multiple fw_ids in lpad are always comma-separated, fix for autodocs

  • offline mode more naturally supports gzipped FW_offline.json

  • add a “query” filter option for detect_lostruns

  • tutorial updates on updating Fireworks (S. Dwaraknath)


  • minor update to SLURM template (E. Sivonxay)

  • minor doc updates


  • fix FW_offline if job changes directory

  • fixed lpad cli when performing wflow operations (R. Gowers)

  • Add signal to SLURM queue adapter (S. Dwaraknath)


  • update FWS rapidfire launch logic (thanks to Primer for suggestions)

  • upgrade CircleCI testing (A. Dunn)


  • important bugfix: bulk insert workflow inserted negative FW_ids (G. Petretto)

  • option to delete launch dirs when deleting workflow (G. Petretto)

  • modify FireTask to be compatible with pickle/unpickle (M. Henderson)

  • switch to ruamel.yaml to use more up to date YAML standard



a bug in bulk insert workflow function resulting in negative FW_ids was fixed in v1.6.9

  • add launch_idx option to lpad get_launchdir command (as requested by S. Dwaraknath)



a bug in bulk insert workflow function resulting in negative FW_ids was fixed in v1.6.9

  • lpad bulk insert workflow function - if you have 10 or more workflows to enter, do it 10X faster using this function (J. Montoya)

  • add lpad get_launchdir <FW_ID> function. e.g., can now do “cd get_launchdir <FW_ID> to change to the most recent launch dir of a FW.


  • Improve qlaunch rapidfire (with guidance from A. Gopalan)


  • sketch of MOAB queue adapter (with guidance from A. Gopalan)

  • add option to lpad webgui for number of server processes (D. Winston)

  • more sanity checks to workflow (I. Kondov)


  • new workflow check option that validates and plots a workflow using python-igraph (I. Kondov)

  • misc. code cleanup


  • allow FWorker to have multiple categories (thanks to Johannes Jansson for the suggestion)

  • FWorker can set __none__ for category which only pulls jobs with empty categories


  • lpad argparser to allow comma separated lists when using -i and –fw_id (E. Sivonxay)

  • important fix to

  • pdb_on_exception option to use Python debugger to debug failed jobs (J. Montoya)


  • some fixes to config file determination (A. Jain, G. Petretto)

  • add append_wf and dump_wf commands to lpad (I. Kondov)

  • faster GUI load (D. Winston)

  • minor code improvements and help/warning messages for the user (M. Horton)


  • fixes for task-level recovery (J. Montoya)

  • LSF queueadapter takes into account job counts by queue (J. Boes)

  • some unit test improvements (I. Kondov)


  • Py2 bugfix


  • New data flow built-in Firetasks (I. Kondov)


  • Improve performance of workflow add to DB for large workflows (R. Gowers)


  • Better handling of SSL certs (I. Kondov)

  • Improve performance of fw rerun (R. Gowers)


  • fix some logic re:which config files to use


  • rapidfire with nlaunches=0 now loops until no READY or WAITINGS FWs via new launchpad.future_run_exists() (R. Gowers)


  • minor web gui improvements

  • installation doc updates (R. Lahe)


  • add visual dashboard feature to web gui (all graphics)

  • Fixes to SGE queue adapter (A. Ganose)


  • redesigned web gui with visual plots (J. Montoya, A. Jain)

  • improved task-level recovery, including in offline mode (J. Montoya)


  • Fix pip requirements



pip may require manual dependency installation in this distribution


  • doc link update


  • hack to allow “_add_launchpad_and_fw_id” reserved spec to work in rlaunch multi mode


  • better error message on FireTaskMeta required param missing

  • better error handling on refresh_wf error; such workflows should now show up as FIZZLED immediately

  • add remove_fws method to Workflow (K. Mathew)

  • minor doc updates


  • only put tasks inside FW spec upon serialization! (see announcement on dev list)

  • add qlauncher support for remote shell (D. Dotson)

  • don’t allow creating an empty workflow

  • rare bugfix for rocket (G. Petretto)

  • add gres support for Slurm (KeLiu)


  • improvements to FilePad (K. Mathew)

  • Better logging for rapidfire rlaunch (S. Dwaraknath)

  • improve performance w/generator expressions (R. Gowers)

  • bugfix to webgui search (D. Winston)


  • optional support for argcomplete (requires installing argcomplete)

  • more powerful update_spec command (S. Dwaraknath)

  • Py3 fix for multi_launch (X. Qu)

  • numpy serializes to lists (thanks to J. Kuck)

  • fix for qlaunch rapidfire that caused unintended stopping (thanks to J. Kuck)

  • multiple doc updates (A. Jain / K. Bhatt)


  • mlaunch is now “rlaunch multi”. See docs (S. Dwaraknath)

  • For FireTask, we now suggest you use Firetask (more consistent naming) - (A. Jain)

  • Adds the FilePad, a way to store files in GridFS. See docs for more details (K. Mathew, A. Jain)

  • Add query ability to frontend (M. Aykol, D. Winston)

  • Add ability to “pause/resume” fireworks in addition to existing “defuse/reignite”. See docs (S. Dwaraknath)

  • Add sort ability in frontend (D. Waroquiers)

  • Misc frontend improvements (D. Winston, M. Aykol, A. Jain)

  • Add ability to move run dirs, i.e. update the database with location of runs after they are moved (A. Faghaninia, A. Jain)

  • Add ability to qlaunch a particular fw_id (J. Montoya)

  • Py3 compatibility (X. Qu, A. Faghaninia)

  • Fix lpad admin maintain (shenjh)

  • Fix to _pass_job_info (D. Waroquiers)

  • improved docs (J. Montoya, M. Aykol, A. Jain)


  • import Tracker object more easily (J. Montoya)


  • don’t enforce j=True for Mongo connections (S.P. Ong)

  • improve testing framework (S.P. Ong)

  • remove problems & inefficiencies in workflow refresh (thanks to G. Petretto)

  • properly update fw_states when you defuse a workflow

  • only enter _fizzled_parents into the database once - for efficiency, and to better track the provenance of what actually occurred during the run

  • minor bugfixes / comments


  • minor doc updates

  • add ability to clear the task-level recovery, which gets stuck (J. Montoya)

  • py3k fixes (K. Matthew)

  • minor bugfixes


  • greatly improved docstring formatting and accuracy (K. Mathew)

  • Py3K fixes (K. Mathew)

  • code cleanups (K. Mathew)

  • better PEP conformance (K. Mathew)

  • representative launch returns most recent launch (K. Mathew)


  • forget about offline runs if a queue submission unsuccessful (thanks to D. Stansberry for pointing out the problem)

  • cleanups to project setup (S.P. Ong)


  • add launches mode query (query launches collection when performing lpad tasks)

  • Add auth option to web app (S.P. Ong)

  • enhance webapp server w/gunicorn (D. Winston)

  • threshold parameter in introspect commmand

  • add license option to SLURM adapter

  • add fill mode to qlaunch for keeping jobs in the queue even when nothing in DB to run

  • fix njobs_queue bug

  • open compressed files in textmode to ensure py3k compatibility (K. Mathew)


  • Load default FWorker location when running launch commands from Python

  • qlaunch: default maxjobs_queue is zero, meaning don’t automatically restrict to 10 jobs in queue

  • Add –wfquery and –fwquery options to lpad_webgui for advanced users (alpha version)


  • update pymongo commands (X. Qu & A. Jain)

  • minor qadapter updates (D. Dotson & X. Qu)

  • very minor doc updates (S. Bajaj & A. Faghaninia)


  • FileTransferTask has max_retry parameter (D. Dotson)

  • Allow copying workflows but w/reset ids (D. Dotson)

  • add max_loops option to rlaunch; this allows you to limit infinite mode to a few cycles


  • fix datetime import (fixes broken queue_launcher) - (D. Winston)

  • fix datetime handler in __repr__

  • always unreserve if queue submission goes wrong (G. Petretto)


  • add lpad admin unlock command to force unlock of workflows

  • add --timeout option for rapidfire launches

  • add user parameter for FileTransferTask (D. Dotson)

  • fix bug in FileTransferTask (D. Dotson)


  • fix spelling of my_qadapter.yaml (thanks to specter119)


  • fix errant print statement


  • add FWorker auto_load

  • add SSL cert support to LaunchPad (D. Cossey)

  • improve offline recovery (G. Petretto)

  • Add allow_gzipped option to Trackers


  • add defuse_workflow to FWAction (thanks to H. Rusche)

  • New _add_fworker option in spec (D. Waroquiers)

  • fix workflow state when allow_fizzled_parents option used (D. Waroquiers)

  • doc updates and example workflows

  • fix minor frontend coloring issues



The deprecated FireWork class has been removed. Be sure to use Firework (see capitalization). Also, use Workflow.from_Firework().

  • remove deprecated capitalization of FireWork

  • better display of workflow info and reporting in frontend


  • Greatly improve refresh performance of large workflows (G. Petretto)

  • FW Reporting now available on frontend

  • Fix bug in Python 3 queue adapter (thanks to F. Zapata)

  • Fix small bug in offline mode (G. Petretto)

  • Fix bug in frontend pagination (G. Petretto)

  • Improvements to wf.append (H. Rusche)


  • Flask and webgui are installed by default (no additional pip install needed)

  • Fix small bug in squeue (thanks to M. Cahn for pointing it out)

  • webgui improvements, including view for workflow metadata queries (D. Winston)

  • remove display_wflows command and associated docs. It is unmaintained and the web GUI now plots WFs


  • attempt to fix further pip install issues in v1.2.0


  • attempt to fix pip install issues in v1.1.9


  • Workflow graph displayed visually in “lpad webgui” (C. Harris)

  • Add ability to override queue commands (thanks to D. Waroquiers)

  • detect_unreserved should only detect reserved fws (G. Petretto)


  • Some mods to adding a workflow to another workflow (thanks to H. Rusche & J. Montoya)

  • LaunchPad handles LockedWorkflowException (P. Huck)

  • prevent MSONable objects from being deserialized twice (thanks to J. Montoya)



FWS now properly handles workflow states for allow_fizzled_parents. Run lpad admin refresh -s FIZZLED to update your DB.

  • fix WFLock causing inconsistent states in workflows; detect such cases in detect_lostruns; add –refresh as fix (G. Petretto)

  • add ability to introspect launches

  • fix for COMPLETED workflow state when _allow_fizzled_parents is True (D. Waroquiers, G. Petretto)

  • allow FWS users to use as_dict() instead of to_dict() if they prefer (psuedo-compatibility with MSONable)

  • add commas to counts in lpad GUI


  • add beta of lpad introspect (no docs yet)

  • fix -q option of lpad report (D. Winston)



FWS now decodes monty-style objects, e.g. pymatgen. If you encounter decoding issues, set DECODE_MONTY=False in your fw_config.

  • completely reimplemented reporting (type lpad report for an example)

  • both encode and decode for monty-style objects

  • safer require_password=False option

  • fix njobs for SLURM (P. Huck)

  • fix bug in remove_useless_dirs (G. Petretto)

  • fix bug in detect_lostruns (thanks to G. Petretto)

  • add QUEUE_JOBNAME_MAXLEN config parameter, i.e. maximum char length for job names sent to queueing systems (D. Waroquiers)


  • added JS folder to pip install (should fix JSONview issues)

  • optional max param for track_fws command

  • performance updates

  • doc updates


  • fix bug that caused FWorker queries to chain on themselves

  • fix issue of Python runners that override sys.stdout, causing problems in ScriptTask

  • fix unit tests


  • new special keyword _add_launchpad_and_fw_id allows accessing the LaunchPad in the FireTask

  • new special keyword _pass_job_info makes it easy to pass run locations between jobs in a Workflow

  • new special keyword _preserve_fworker makes it easy to run multiple jobs on the same FWorker

  • default __repr__ for FWSerializable

  • fix Hopper qstat bug

  • Cobalt queue fixes (W. Scullin)

  • SLURM template update (P. Huck)


  • greatly improve webgui: stability, clarity, functionality, and speed


  • fix bug in created_on for workflows (thanks to W. Zhao for pointing it out)

  • fix bug in FWorker query for certain situations (P. Huck)

  • Updates for Cobalt, Py3 (W. Scullin)

  • Updates for IBM Loadsharing facility (Z. Ulissi)

v1.08 .. note:: v1.08 is not in pip due to version number issues, use Github to get this legacy version

  • allow PyTask to return FWAction

  • allow FWConfig to set web host and port for GUI

  • make detect_lostruns more robust to failure halfway through

  • minor fixes and typo corrections (jakirkham)

v1.07 .. note:: v1.07 is not in pip due to version number issues, use Github to get this legacy version

  • fix bug in offline mode

v1.06 .. note:: v1.06 is not in pip due to version number issues, use Github to get this legacy version .. caution:: Offline mode unusable in this release

  • Pymongo3 compatibility

  • fix double tab open on lpad webgui (G. Pettreto)

  • show FW WAITING state

  • unit test offline mode

v1.05 .. note:: v1.05 is not in pip due to version number issues, use Github to get this legacy version


The default behavior for PyTask handling of kwargs has changed. To maintain legacy behavior, update the “auto_kwargs” option to True in your FireTasks.


Offline mode unusable in this release

  • Update PyTask kwargs handling (J. Kirkham)

  • Fix writing of FW.json files with _launch_dir param (G. Petretto)

  • update PBS template (K. Matthew)

  • minor fixes (J. Kirkham)



v1.00-v1.03 are skipped due to problems in pip installation

  • fix non-default host/port on Flask site

  • remove base site (old frontend)

  • address installation issues (, package_data)

  • improve unit tests



v0.98 is skipped, as it has a faulty dependency.


Users of the frontend will need to install Flask, pip install flask; pip install flask-paginate. Django is no longer required for the frontend.

  • Ability to add FireWorks to existing workflow (launchpad.add_wf_to_fwids)

  • Better unit tests for task-level reruns (G. Petretto)

  • Redesigned web site using Flask (M. Brafman)


  • Fix bug in adding multiple detours

  • Task-level reruns (G. Petretto)

  • Better Fworker default restrictions (G. Petretto)

  • Make _launch_dir if doesn’t exist (G. Petretto)

  • Bug fixes (G. Petretto)


  • Address some installation issues (thanks to kpoman)

  • fix minor issues and docs


  • Add decompressdir task (S.P. Ong)

  • Fix bugs in offline launch (G. Petretto)

  • Improve failure handling in case of FW system failure (G. Petretto)

  • Allow embedding error message on FW rerun (G. Petretto)

  • Minor testing improvements


  • Improve performance of get_wflows (S.P. Ong)

  • Fix another bug due to performance improvements (B. Medasani)

  • Fix bug in de-serialization of non dict-like FireTasks and other serialization issues


  • Fix bug in performance improvement cached state + unit tests (B. Medasani)

  • minor bug fixes, installation changes

lpad v0.92


This version has a minor bug affecting defusing of FWs and cached states for performance, fixed in v0.94

  • Improve large workflow performance using a LazyFirework (B. Medasani, D. Gunter)

  • some code cleanups and minor (rare) bugfix to datetime

  • Add email option to PBS adapter (S.P. Ong)

  • Support for pymatgen as_dict formulation (X. Qu)


  • Major: Rename FireWork to Firework. Should be fully backward-compatible for the moment, but users must switch by ~v1.0.

  • Unicode compatibility for Py3k (S.P. Ong)


  • Introduce reporting tools via lpad report (W. Chen)

  • Fix bug in locking

  • Greatly speed up rlaunch rapidfire by removing artificial sleep

  • Use monty CLoader (S.P. Ong)


  • Fix small FireTaskMeta issue (G. Petretto w/S.P. Ong)

  • simplify some imports

  • Add reservation display mode (S.P. Ong)

  • add updated_on to FW which updates whenever FW changes state

  • improve docs


  • Add many more unit tests (B. Medasani)

  • Fix tracking when FireTask crashes (B. Medasani)

  • Clean up some logging

  • Don’t rerun DEFUSED FWs - they must be reignited

  • Allow defuse of COMPLETED FWs

  • minor internal fixes


  • Fix major bug causing FIZZLED FWs to rerun spontaneously

  • Make WFLock more nimble

  • Forcibly remove WFLock after some time in case of catastrophe (tunable in FW_config)

  • improve unit tests



This version has a major bug that causes FIZZLED FWs to rerun, patched in v0.87

  • add delete_wfs command (w/S.P. Ong)

  • add update_fws command (S.P. Ong)

  • add ignore_errors option in some default FireTasks (S.P. Ong)

  • fix bug in Windows $HOME var (thanks to A. Berg)

  • fig bug in reporting of lost FWs; rerun option should be OK in prev. versions

  • change FIZZLED to have lower STATE_RANK than READY/RESERVED/RUNNING/etc


  • fix bug in running daemon mode locally with qlaunch rapidfire (B. Foster)

  • better handling of duplicate path detection (S.P. Ong)

  • add support for nodes keyword in SLURM adapter (S.P. Ong)


  • ability to define links when defining FireWorks rather than all at the Workflow level (based on conversation with H. Rusche)

  • better handling of config files and better reporting on config file conflicts


  • misc multiprocessing improvements (X. Qu)

  • better handling of dir creation conflicts (X. Qu)


  • add ability to define links via {fw1:fw2} objects rather than explicit IDs (based on conversation with H. Rusche)

  • un-reserve a FW if queue submission goes badly and clean up queue launcher code

  • internal cleanups (don’t rerun ARCHIVED jobs, skip reruns of WAITING jobs)

  • stop rapidfire upon error in queue launch

  • rerun fw on unreserve

  • add methods to work with queue ids (cancel_qid, --qid option in get_fws, and get_qid)



A major bugfix to dynamic and branching workflows was added in this release

  • fix race condition bug in which two FW belonging to same WF simultaneously try to update the WF, and only one succeeds


  • rerun duplicated FWs on a rerun command (enabled by default), and return back all fw_ids that were rerun

  • change default QUEUE_UPDATE_INTERVAL from 15 secs down to 5 secs

  • add background tuneup option, and make it the default

  • misc. cleanup (S.P. Ong)


  • Add support for IBM LoadLeveler Queue (F. Brockherde)


  • Fix spec copy bug as reported by Github user (F. Brockherde)

  • Misc fixes (archiving FWs, tuple support)


  • Support/fix serialization of tuples as list instead of String (S.P. Ong)

  • Introduce fw_env variables (S.P. Ong)


  • Better test for invalid WFs (S.P. Ong)

  • Minor internal code cleanup (S.P. Ong)

  • add internal profiling tools (D. Gunter)


  • Fix bug that randomly affected some dynamic workflows

  • Add CompressDir and ArchiveDir tasks (S.P. Ong)

  • Initial commit of PyTask (S.P. Ong)

  • Initial networkx graphing of workflows via lpad (S.P. Ong)



This version has a bug that can affect some dynamic workflows, patched in v0.75

  • Include default base site files in pip install

  • Optimizations for when WFs contains 1000s of root node FWs

  • zopen tracker files


  • Include default templates in pip install

  • Change default formatting in get_wfs (S.P. Ong)



The default behavior is now that mod_spec and update_spec push updates to next Firework AND the next FireTask


The FWConfig parameters are no longer called via a FWConfig() class instantiation; you can import these parameters directly now.

  • Python 3 support! via ‘six’ library (S.P. Ong)

  • BackgroundTasks introduced

  • Performance improvements to get_wf command (S.P. Ong)

  • Deserialization warnings and added stability (S.P. Ong)

  • Reservation mode and silencer works in remote launch (S.P. Ong)

  • Restore old FileTransferTask behavior

  • Tutorial updates

  • Various internal improvements, e.g. to FWConfig (S.P. Ong)

  • Bug fixes (A. Jain, S.P. Ong)



This version changes the default serialization for custom FireWorks without _fw_name to <project>::<Class> instead of <Class>. If you have custom FireTasks from v0.62-v0.65 that did not specify _fw_name explicitly, this introduces a backward incompatibility. Contact the support list if this affects you - an easy fix is available.

  • Fix major bug in dynamic workflows with multiple additions/detours

  • Fixed lpad reset that became broken in recent release

  • Change default _fw_name for FireTasks to <project>::<Class>, e.g. fireworks::MyTask


  • Fix bug in qlaunch singleshot introduced in previous release (S.P. Ong)

  • Add qlaunch cleanup (S.P. Ong)

  • Setup different default config dirs (S.P. Ong)



This version introduced a major bug in qlaunch singleshot via the command line (fixed in v0.65)


This version introduced a bug in lpad reset via the command line (fixed in v0.66)


The add_dir command is incorporated into the add command. e.g. lpad add my_dir/*.yaml. Many command line options that allowed comma-separated lists are now space-separated lists to better employ argparse (see updated docs).

  • clean up argument parsing (S.P. Ong)

  • remote qlaunch handles multiple configs (S.P. Ong)


  • fix bug in rtransfer mode of FileTransferTask (S.P. Ong)

  • improvements to remote qlaunch (S.P. Ong)



The TransferTask is renamed to FileTransferTask (however, existing FireWorks databases should be backwards-compatibile). The names of the default FireTasks no longer have spaces; however, existing FireWorks databases and code should be backwards-compatible.

  • Add FIFO and FILO sort options for equal priority FireWorks

  • Remove database locks in multiprocessing mode

  • Allow multiple scripts in ScriptTask (S.P. Ong)

  • Add additional File I/O FireTasks (S.P. Ong)

  • Changes to FireTask base implementation (S.P. Ong)

  • Allow config file in $HOME/.fireworks (S.P. Ong)

  • Add remote options to qlaunch via fabric library (S.P. Ong)

  • _fw_name automatically set to class name if unspecified (S.P. Ong)

  • Remove ValueError upon not finding a Firework to run and handle this situation better


  • Include text files needed for queue adapters in distribution (D. Gunter)



The QueueAdapter code has been refactored in a way that is not fully backward compatible. Chances are, you will have to modify any my_qadapter.yaml files you have so that the _fw_name is set to CommonAdapter and a new _fw_q_type parameter is set to PBS, SGE, or SLURM.

  • Major refactor of QueueAdapters so it is easy to change template files without adding new code (S.P. Ong)

  • restore lpad.maintain()

  • minor doc updates


  • Add --exclude and --include options to Trackers + minor formatting changes

  • use config file in current dir if possible


  • Display name in trackers

  • Fix some bugs relating to multiprocessing & offline mode (Xiaohui Qu)

  • Don’t require password when tracking many FWs

  • Default 25 lines in trackers


  • add trackers, or the ability to monitor output files


  • make set_priority work as intended through command line

  • invert the -b option on webgui (new -s option skips opening browser)



The command/function detect_fizzled has changed to detect_lostruns, changed old arguments and added additional ones


The command/function detect_unreserved has changed - refactored “mark” to “fizzle”

  • add option to “rerun” when detecting lost runs

  • add option to only detect short-lived lost jobs (useful for job packing type failures)

  • refactored argument names and method names for clarity


  • add NEWT queue adapter


  • allow user to confirm database reset and multi-FW changes via an input prompt rather than password parameter


  • make it easier to define new queueadapters, and add documentation


  • fix bug introduced in v0.4 that caused rlaunch rapidfire to stop working


  • fix bug introduced in v0.4 that caused update_time to be NULL for launches


  • add set_priority function to LaunchPad

  • minor bug fixes related to multi-launcher and default queue params


  • add offline mode



The default behavior in ScriptTask is now fizzle_bad_rc.

  • add lpad add_scripts

  • fizzle_bad_rc by default in ScriptTask

  • add FWorker() by default in rlaunch



The rerun_fw, defuse_fw, and reignite_fw commands are now pluralized, refresh_wf is simply refresh, and rerun_fizzled has been incorporated into rerun_fws.

  • much more powerful control for rerun_fws, defuse, archive, reignite, defuse_fws, reignite_fws, refresh.


  • restore behavior back to v0.33


  • deprecated - rename FIZZLED to FAILED


  • concatenate the update_spec and mod_spec of all FireTasks, instead of exiting as soon as a FireTask updates a spec.


  • change templating language to Jinja2 (and remove heavyweight dependency to Django)

  • add ability to manually refresh workflows


  • fix bug related to interaction between multi job packer and job checkout optimization


  • multi job launcher to ‘pack’ jobs (Xiaohui Qu)


  • make paramiko optional as it can cause install problems


  • TransferTask added

  • fix _use_global_spec


  • delete useless dirs when setting _launch_dir

  • ScriptTask and TemplateWriterTask have _use_global_spec option


  • allow user to control where a FW gets executed using _launch_dir


  • add TemplateWriterTask plus documentation

  • check for duplicate serialized objects


  • initial (alpha) release of Web GUI from Morgan Hargrove


  • bugfix to detect_unreserved script

  • fixes to pip installation and instructions


  • add fizzle_bad_rc option to ScriptTask

  • major doc additions and updates


  • minor update to ping()

  • major docs reorganization and updates

  • document and better support ‘pip’ installation


  • refactor AVOID_MANY_STATS into more tunable QSTAT_FREQUENCY

  • speed up counting operations

  • add more indices

  • better log queue submission errors

  • auto_load() function for LaunchPad

  • queue launcher fills in previous block if not full (modifiable in FWConfig)

  • many doc updates


  • add ability to ARCHIVE FireWorks

  • update docs regarding enhancements to querying FireWorks and Workflows

  • option to avoid overloading the queue management system with status requests

  • more robust PBS adapter implementation


  • pin down and fix known issue of launches sometimes not being updated

  • further refine display options and enhancements for get_fws and get_wfs.

  • minor enhancements to queue launcher and PBS adapter

  • support user indices for workflows

  • minor bugfixes and internal code cleanup


  • multiple query and output display options and enhancements added for get_fws and get_wfs.

  • use FW’s name to set more informative PBS job names

  • make sure ping_launch only writes on running jobs (prevent race condition)

  • minor bugfixes



The get_fw_id and get_fw LaunchPad commands were merged into get_fws.

  • better support for getting states of FireWorks and Workflows

  • minor bugfix for dynamic FireWorks


  • rerunning FireWorks

  • misc fixes for categories


  • initial Release