fireworks.examples.custom_firetasks.hello_world package


fireworks.examples.custom_firetasks.hello_world.hello_world_run module

fireworks.examples.custom_firetasks.hello_world.hello_world_task module

class fireworks.examples.custom_firetasks.hello_world.hello_world_task.HelloTask(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: fireworks.core.firework.FiretaskBase


This method gets called when the Firetask is run. It can take in a Firework spec, perform some task using that data, and then return an output in the form of a FWAction.


fw_spec (dict) – A Firework spec. This comes from the master spec. In addition, this spec contains a special “_fw_env” key that contains the env settings of the FWorker calling this method. This provides for abstracting out certain commands or settings. For example, “foo” may be named “foo1” in resource 1 and “foo2” in resource 2. The FWorker env can specify { “foo”: “foo1”}, which maps an abstract variable “foo” to the relevant “foo1” or “foo2”. You can then write a task that uses fw_spec[“_fw_env”][“foo”] that will work across all these multiple resources.



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